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Why should you trust GuestInsight to manage your guest | customer experience surveys?

It's what we do, how we do it, how long we've done it, and who we've done it for...

Our deep experience in collecting, analyzing, and reporting opinion data via the Internet over the past 25 years sets us apart from our competitors.​

GuestInsight is a service of Database Sciences, a pioneering online quantitative market research firm that began helping clients in the consumer products, hospitality, financial services, automotive, and pharma industries maximize the opinion research environment of the 1999.

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Core Values

Principles That Guide Our Services


People First

A Web Service Company Run By People

Technology is a fantastic research enabler; it has allowed us to gather and analyze the opinions of millions of people in the 20+ years we've been doing this- a feat that would have been impossible without a small army just a few years before we opened our doors. That said, we believe that while technology drives our services, it is our people that drive our business. From your first inquiry, you will be in touch with one of our professionals, not a call center - to guide you through sign-up, get GuestInsight working for you, and be available by email or phone whenever you have questions.

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The Value of Your Guest's Opinion

Keep The Feedback Ask Pure

The importance of feedback to businesses is paramount in today's review fueled purchase economy. As such, its importance to both you and your guests must be prioritized and not bundled with sales and marketing messages. By only combining the "ask" for feedback with a thank you for their business, our clients are aligned with our belief that this demonstrates to guests how important their perspective is.

Keeping the feedback request "pure" shows respect and is a great way to wrap up the guest experience you deliver.

guest opinions

Respect For Time

Time Is Money

Do you have time to answer a 15 minute survey?
Neither do your guests.
Ben Franklin's aphorism applies both to you and your guests. In 2023, we have a shorter window of opportunity than ever before to get and keep the attention of your guests to provide feedback. Let us help you use it wisely.

It's all about our experience and the features we've built into our services to maximize that opportunity, as well as make it just as easy and efficient for you to digest and act on guest feedback.

respect for time

Know The Score

Put the Science of Market Research Technology to Work

Our guest satisfaction surveys and reporting analytics are built on 30+ years of research experience.

Tap into the key drivers of guest loyalty by knowing the score; the Fan Value Score, that is. Learn more about this key metric that's been helping our clients understand which, and how many, of their guests are likely to positively influence future business.

Our cloud analytics tools are intelligently designed to get you to actionable information quickly; understand what's working great on-property and what may need a little attention. All of your survey data is distilled into trackable metrics that have been guiding our client base for 17+ years.


Read, listen, and/or watch more about how we approach collecting and managing feedback.

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More Resources

Whitepapers and other downloadable content on a variety of topics related to guest experience feedback.

How To Get More Direct Bookings

Sharing your wins-- providing social proof directly on your website- can lead to more direct bookings. Learn more and see how implementing our AI curated testimonial feed can level up your social proof game.

Online Reviews Whitepaper

We've been talking, blogging, and podcasting about online reviews since 2005. In the latest re-fresh to this whitepaper, we discuss some of the implications that Covid has had on reviews and their role in purchase decisions.

Free Guest Feedback Checklist

We use a Guest Feedback Loop Checklist to help clients get everyone internally on the same page and ready to get the most out of the insights that their guests' feedback provides. Whether you're actively looking for a new guest feedback solution or are happy with what you have in place, taking a look at the checklist can add some context to the guest feedback process.

Covid-19 and Guest Experience

The Covid-19 pandemic changed how we live, work, dine, and travel. See how we helped clients gauge and react to guest sentiment regarding health and safety.

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