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The GuestInsight Feedback Platform

Our platform enables businesses with guests to effectively collect, manage, and leverage guest experience feedback to thrive in today's consumer-centric market.

The many tools and pieces of the platform that have been built and honed over 2 decades are grouped into 3 main areas:

GuestInsight Feedback Platform
Asking for feedback

Start with a simple guest-centric ask.

The importance of feedback to businesses is paramount in today's review fueled purchase economy. As such, its importance to both you and your guests must be prioritized and not bundled with sales and marketing messages. By only combining the "ask" for feedback with a thank you for their business, our clients are aligned with our belief that this demonstrates to guests how important their perspective is.

Gathering Guest Feedback

Collecting guest feedback should also be guest-centric.

The guest survey experience should be easy to complete, respectful of your guests' time, and intuitive, no matter how your guests choose to interact with your survey (whether that be on a smartphone, tablet, or computer). Our surveys tick all of those boxes. Did you know that currently, 65% of guest surveys are completed on a mobile device?

Leveraging feedback data to drive new business

Show off your wins, head-off problems, use feedback data to tweak operations.

GuestInsight tools keep you and your team engaged with guest feedback through intuitive Web reporting tools, as well as messaging that keeps guest feedback top of mind and alerts you to guests who are completing your survey, but are not completely satisfied.
And, let guests share their feedback to your live, AI curated testimonial feed (link to your website), as well as to social channels and online review sites through your survey.

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Take a tour of our feedback platform specific to your type of hospitality business:

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