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share your wins, book more guests directly

As a hospitality operator, it's great to get as many bookings as possible directly through your own website. But what can you do to get prospective guests to land on your site and stay there so you can seal the deal?

  • "One-stop" Social Proof: it's clear that reviews play a crucial role in helping travelers choose hotels. So a testimonial feed, one that shows current guest comments (and not just a handful of "cherry picked" quotes), goes a long way to building trust amongst prospective guests.
  • A great direct booking engine: it has to be simple and quick to navigate so that visitors have no reason not to book directly and get the best rates.

OK, but what does this have to do with guest experience surveys?

In all of our guest survey plans, we provide our clients with a branded, hosted, AI curated Guest Testimonial Feed (see screen shot below) to link to (or embed in) their websites. It is a real-time, automatically generated feed from guests who opt-in from their guest experience survey. Without exception, the number of guests who choose to share their feedback through this feature greatly outnumbers the quantity of online reviews for a particular property.

In addition to guest comments, the feed can display loyalty metrics if the hotel chooses to. And, we provide a button on the page, linking to the property's direct booking engine.

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