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Geared toward smaller operations.
Up to 250 guests/month
Branded Survey & Email invitations 1
2 Survey Distribution Methods 2
Customized Operations Question Block (service, menu selection, food & beverage quality, comfort & decor.) 3
Analytics Dashboard Access (1 user) 4
Guest Email alerts (1 inbox) 5
AI Curated Live Testimonial Feed 6
Live Scorecard Badge For Your Website 7
Social Media & Online Review Connect 8
Coupon Codes 9
Add team members (after included 1) at $3/month/person
If monthly guests engaged exceed plan capacity, additional accesses are billed at $15 per 500

Feature Details

1. Branded Survey & Email Invitations

Your branding is displayed on survey invitations and on each page of your guest experience survey.

2. Survey Distribution Methods

Survey distribution methods are simply how you get your guest experience survey in front of each guest. We offer a variety of ways in which you can pass guest contact information to our platform so that Email survey invitation can be sent. These include a secure Web interface to upload information via file export from a PMS system , QR codes that can be printed on guest folios for Web self-access, direct integration between your PMS and our platform via API, and even a link building module which allows you to embed GuestInsight surveys into email thank you notes you can send from your own contact management software.

The Hotelier plan is limited to either guest file uploads or QR codes for guest self-access. Other plans have access to all delivery methods.

3 Customized Survey Question Blocks

GuestInsight surveys are built with tried-and-tested question blocks, covering all aspects of the guest experience; guest services, guest rooms, food & beverage, and other operations. As the Covid-19 pandamic unfolded, we also added a block covering perceptions pertaining to health & safety. All blocks are customized by our team to perfectly match each property and brand values. Additional detailed rating blocks (for more F&B outlets, retail operations, spas, etc.) may be added, as needed.

4 Analytics Dashboard Access

Guest feedback is collected and processed in real-time. The GuestInsight analytics dashboard distills the feedback into actionable insights in real-time and is the springboard for detailed data analysis. Each plan comes with a set number of team member accesses, but additional seats can be added to any plan at any time.

5 Guest Email alerts

Guests can request contact from the property in-survey. Survey answer details are immediately sent to team members for resolution. Using our Team Response Sync Tool, everyone on the distribution list sees the message thread. Each plan comes with a set number of team member accesses, but additional seats can be added to any plan at any time.

6 AI Curated Live Testimonial Feed

Link your AI curated live testimonial feed from verified guests to your website and get more direct bookings. Guests who have given you high scores during their survey are offered an opt-in to share their write-in comments to this feed. Pulling the curtain back and showing prospective guests social proof like this keeps them on your website and leads to more direct bookings.

7 Live Scorecard Badge For Your Website

Show off your great scores by pulling back the curtain a little and adding some strength to your social proof by sharing your live GuestInsight loyalty score and awards badge to your testimonial page.

8 Social Media & Online Review Connect

Guests who have indicated a positive experience in-survey are presented links to your preferred social media channels and review sites to encourage "sharing the love".

9 Coupon Codes

Coupon codes may be used to incentivize guests to complete your survey, as well as to encourage return visits by sweetening the deal. Managing and tracking coupon use is built-in to the GuestInsight platform, as well.

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