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How to Get More (and Better) Guest Feedback: A Respectful Approach

Ted David
February 29, 2024
2 minute read
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Nurture Guest Loyalty and Improve Experiences With a Thoughtful Feedback "Ask" Strategy.

Guest feedback is essential for tailoring experiences to meet and exceed guest expectations. However, how you solicit this feedback significantly affects guests' willingness to respond, and therefore, the quality and usefulness of the data you gather. Our 20+ years of experience in managing the guest feedback process for hospitality operators underscore the importance of taking a respectful, guest-centric approach when asking for feedback. This emphasizes the value you place on guest opinions, fosters positive long-term relationships, and provides a wealth of valuable insights.

So, what does a guest-centric approach to asking for feedback look like?  It means the "ask" should be timely, focused (not bundled with marketing messages), and most importantly, respectful of the guest's time and inbox.

Crafting the Perfect Feedback Request

  • Start With Gratitude: Always begin by thanking guests for choosing your property. This sets a positive tone.
  • A Simple, Direct Ask: Clearly request feedback. Avoid cluttering the message with promotions or other requests that distract from the goal. Bundling feedback requests with marketing messages can diminish the sincerity of your request.
  • Explain the Value: Briefly share how their insights improve your facility and services, emphasizing their input's importance.

Email Communication: Dos and Don'ts

  • Do: Keep it simple, respectful, and focused. Personalize the message to make the guest feel valued. Consider having a management or ownership figure “sign” the message.
  • Don't: Overwhelm with multiple requests, sales pitches, or irrelevant content that dilutes the message.

The Impact of a Respectful Approach

Prioritizing the guest's perspective in feedback requests enhances guest loyalty and encourages more meaningful responses. This not only respects the guest's time and inbox but also reinforces their importance to your business.

Conclusion: A Win-Win Strategy

In a world of overflowing B2C emails, respecting your guests' inboxes with thoughtful feedback requests benefits everyone.  It generates higher quality feedback, improves guest satisfaction, and strengthens your brand-customer relationship. This refined approach sets your business apart, building a loyal customer base that feels genuinely heard and valued.

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