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Embrace A Champion's Mindset - Lessons From The Court

Jeff Robbins
September 18, 2023
4 minute read
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Every now and then, the sports world graces us with wisdom that echoes far beyond the athletic arena. Last week, Novak Djokovic won his record-setting 24th major tennis championship at the US Open. Whether you love or loathe the controversial Djokovic, no one can dispute his incredible skill and unparalleled accomplishments. So, what can we glean from the mindset of this tennis titan?

During his post match press conference, he was asked whether he made any changes at the beginning of 2021 when he began a run of winning 7 of the 10 major championships he competed in. For Djokovic, this incredible run of success seemed unlikely, considering his advanced age for a professional tennis player (he became the oldest US Open champion at 36 with this most recent win).

Djokovic explained “there are always changes happening, literally on a weekly to monthly basis”, and that he’s always adding things to his training and recovery routines to "up his performance by a few percentage points". And, he added, that once you find a formula that works now, it most likely won't work next year. "You need to always reinvent yourself, because everyone else does." 

Djokovic's commitment to reinvention is more than just a tennis strategy; it's a blueprint for long term success in any endeavor.

Sometimes It’s A Sea Change

We all know of the instructive tales of 2 businesses in the same industry that took 2 different paths when facing disruption; 

  • Netflix, which began its journey as a DVD-by-mail service didn't rest on their laurels. Recognizing the growing potential of the internet (and the likely impact on that original model) they transitioned to streaming and eventually content creation.
  • Unfortunately, Blockbuster missed its chance to evolve or pivot. Comfortable in its success, the company overlooked how the digital age would impact renting DVD’s in brick and mortar stores.
More Often It’s Not:  Iterative Improvement

Gradual changes and nuance are usually how changes occur, both in sports and business. Often, surface feedback metrics, like wins and losses in tennis, or sales and profits in business, don’t tell the whole story– or tell it too late.

Diving Deep into Feedback: From Surface Metrics to Granular Insights

In tennis, and sports in general, data analysis has revolutionized coaching, training, and strategy. Today, more statistics and metrics are captured and analyzed than ever before, providing players and coaches with insights into their performance. These statistics are invaluable, offering a lens into the minute aspects of gameplay that can help them gain an edge against the competition.

Beyond the Balance Sheet: The Real Crystal Ball of Business

Similarly, in the business world, while financial metrics are key barometers of success, customer feedback often unveils the deeper narrative. It reveals the evolving story of consumer needs, aspirations, and satisfaction levels. In industries driven by consumer interactions and experiences, this feedback becomes even more pivotal.

Hospitality: Reading the Pulse of Your Guests

In hospitality, both monumental and subtle shifts matter. While we may not encounter sea-changes often, complacency can be a silent killer. One luxury hotel brand, perhaps resting on its laurels, once felt confident enough to ask guests in their post-stay survey, "Can you imagine a world without [our brand]?" Such questions hint at a potential disconnect with evolving guest expectations.

But there's a subtler peril. There are hospitality businesses that collect feedback for the sake of ticking a box. They perceive feedback as a ritual, not an essential strategic tool, and don’t do much with the guest feedback they collect. A prospective client once candidly expressed, "I know what my guests want. I don't need to send them a survey." This approach risks missing the nuanced yet crucial shifts in guest preferences.

Yet, when feedback is genuinely embraced and understood, it becomes a powerful catalyst for transformation.. At GuestInsight, we've seen it firsthand. Over the years, we’ve seen clients enact both macro and micro shifts driven by feedback: from comprehensive renovations like redesigned guest rooms and lobbies to more nuanced learnings that shape daily interactions, refining the quintessential guest experience they aspire to deliver.


In both sports and business, champions are recognized not just for their immediate triumphs, but for their enduring adaptability. Novak Djokovic's journey from the courts of war torn Serbia to setting major title records is more than a story of talent. It's a lesson in the transformative power of feedback and relentless reinvention.

Feedback is more than just numbers and comments; it's the mirror reflecting our performance, highlighting the spaces for improvement and offering paths to excellence. By leaning into this feedback, whether it's the detailed analysis of a tennis match or the honest words of a guest, we embrace an opportunity to refine, reinvent, and rejuvenate our strategy and approach.

To truly excel in business, or in any field, we’d be wise to learn from Djokovic's example: Always seek to improve, always adapt, and never stop reinventing yourself. Be like Novak: Embrace the champion within.

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