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covid-19 response

The Covid-19 pandemic changed how we live, work, dine, and travel. Even though the pandemic phase of Covid-19 is over, some clients continue to gauge how health & safety measures implemented during that time align with guests' expectations.

A few months into the pandemic, we began incorporating a short series of questions into our clients' guest experience surveys to help them navigate these uncharted waters.

Almost 4 years on, some properties may wish to gauge guest sentiment around this issue so as to better understand when health & safety policies may need to be adjusted. Your guest experience specialist can help you navigate this issue and guide you as to whether this optional module might be appropriate to add to your guest experience survey.

Looking back

Following the shutdowns of Spring 2020, we began to speak with many of our clients to see how we could help. Some of our clients were still operating, but many were not and so we had to figure out a way forward for folks in both categories.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses during the early pandemic phase, beyond the governmental requirements, was making physical and policy changes to health related issues that the population had a wide range of perspectives and commentary on.

We saw our role in that regard very similarly to our role in helping hospitality operators understand the perspectives of THEIR guests with regard to everything else about the guest experience they deliver.

And so, some 3 years later, most of our clients are still taking the temperature, so to speak, of their guests about health & wellness issues on-site, while others have felt it's better to move on to a new normal, where those issues are now baked-in to the guest experience.

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​Watch our short video series on how we helped our clients respond in the early days of the pandemic.

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