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Seamless Guest Feedback Survey Solutions to Optimize Online Reviews and Maximize Bookings

Our Guest Feedback Specialists will expertly craft your customized guest survey to not just gather insights but to help you win the online reviews—a crucial factor in driving bookings.

Backed by years of experience and insights from millions of surveys, our guest-centric approach streamlines the feedback process, enhancing your online presence by maximizing both the quantity and quality of your reviews.

The GuestInsight platform features an innovative AI-curated live guest testimonial feed, showcasing current positive feedback to boost guest satisfaction visibility and enhance direct booking opportunities. By harnessing actionable insights, your property can consistently showcase its excellence, ensuring your reputation is always at its best.

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Not ready for a live demo? No problem! You can experience our platform at your own pace with our self-guided demos. Discover the features and benefits of GuestInsight whenever it’s convenient for you.

Some of the world’s most respected properties, companies, and institutions have trusted us to survey their guests & customers...

Got guests?

We have a scalable solution, both for the size of your team...and your budget.

GuestInsight is used by large multi-property resort companies, conference centers, small inns, restaurants, and just about every type of hospitality business in between. For more than 2 decades, we've been providing hospitality professionals with powerful, yet simple to use tools that survey their guests intuitively, analyze the responses in real-time, and deliver concise reports that distill the data into actionable metrics that help keep operations running smoothly, as well as stay ahead of online reviews and social media.

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You're Not On Your Own

Our team of guest experience specialists is here to guide you through the process of survey design (including question & answer choice wording- it matters!) and delivery, feedback data handling, analysis and interpretation, and everything in between.

GuestInsight clients always have access to a real live person to answer any questions.

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Survey design matters

A guest | customer experience survey that is poorly written or doesn't value a guests' time can not only lead to bad feedback data, it can frustrate survey takers and actually negatively impact the overall guest experience.

We'll make sure you ask the right questions, asked in the right way, and in the right order, to provide and pleasant experience for your guest, as well as get you great feedback data.

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Powerful, yet simple to use

We get it. You have a business to run and don't need another complex "system" to learn. We've spent 17+ years continuing to perfect the art of making our interfaces simple and intuitive. We'll deliver important feedback messaging to you and your team, on your schedule, to make sure that the feedback management process fits into your workflow.

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Winning the online reviews

What does that mean? Well, online reviews are a key input into consumer purchase decision making. The formula for winning includes maximizing both the number of reviews and percentage of great reviews.
GuestInsight clients have a leg up on that combination because our guest | customer experience surveys offer guests problem resolution, click-through access to post reviews, and of course actionable feedback to continually improve guest experience.

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How do you like your data?

Whether you want to glean feedback insights directly from the GuestInsight dashboard and report tools, or analyze your data with other software you already use, we've got you covered. Our platform can share data via API's, to an ever-widening array of data, presentation, and business intelligence platforms. Examples of platforms we've shared data with/from include Google Suite (including Looker Studio), Microsoft Office (Excel and PowerPoint), SAP, Oracle, and Tableau.

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